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Sonic's Youth: Game Design Document

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Game design document for a Sonic game I'd like to make.

It's a GOOGLE DOC that you can read here. It's a work in progress, I will add to it every so often (drawings, writing, maybe some audio stuff). This is not a joke like 'Sonic Dreams Collection'. "People that like Sonic are weird." Fuck you well to do popular award winning 'cool' LA assholes.

It sucks thinking about these snobby "indy elites" making fun of the thing that makes some people happy.

Why is this a train wreck or why is this on this website?
I figure if I try to make something super sincere like this it will accidentally be transcendentally bad.
Like, it's kind of uncool to be a fan of something? I guess it depends on how you look at it?
I guess some questions I will be asking myself while adding to this is, like, how reverent am I to Sonic as a "franchise".
I like Sonic, I liked him as a kid quite a bit.

Someone on the IRC for this website years ago said Sega would never hire me to direct a Sonic game. I guess, in this person's eyes, this game design document and the theoretical game is a trainwreck in terms of futility, like this is never going to happen.

I once was working at a smoothie place and my first or second day there, this guy was telling me about his Simpsons spec-script and how much he was working on it. Him telling me about this made me feel tremendously sad at the time being stuck working for very little money serving very rich people overpriced smoothies. Like, I would hope that this guy made it, I have a more positive look at these things these days. At least he wrote it, he did a bunch of comedy stuff in the city, he was trying and that's what you have to do, you can't just sit around and mope about, he was taking some sort of action even if this action to others felt futile.

So, whatever, I'm going to do this anyways.
I'll run head first into a wall hundreds of times to see if I can run through it.

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Empty Void of Space



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The Furnace

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A game I was afraid to make.

Mike Leisz
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Naked Forest Walk


A nature-walking simulation. Experience the wonders of a simulated outdoor environment, free of the mental clutter of actual productive life. Maybe, by being unencumbered and unclothed both figuratively and literally, you will discover something new about the world that you hadn't noticed until now?

Arrows - walk left and right. You will randomly have epiphanies as you walk.

Hold down the D, R, U and G keys to take the drugs you brought, 'just in case you get bored'.

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Solar Rain


"I lost ten minutes to this damn 'game'. Not even an achievement for making it look like a letter S."

This is a simple simulation inspired by this article, the browser game World of Sand, and several of my previous games, especially Super Calamity Annie Galaxy. Click and drag the two planets to alter the path of the stream of water emanating from a distant sun.

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Tower of Hanoi 64-Ring Apocalypse Edition


Nearly every Tower of Hanoi simulation in this world is puny and weak, and only simulates THREE TO FIVE rings to move. This, in stark contrast, is the TRUE CANONICAL Tower of Hanoi puzzle, with SIXTY-FOUR rings to move, step by step, peg by peg! And, when this hallowed and sacred puzzle is brought to completion, it is said that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE will CEASE TO EXIST. Now you can have the harbinger of all undoing on your miniscule hard drive!

And, as an added feature that almost none of our competitors can boast, this simulation will AUTOMATICALLY SOLVE this puzzle in the fastest manner possible! No human interaction is needed, for any move would surely be less optimal than that chosen by this perfect algorithm! Sit back in reverent awe and terror as the end of all things is brought ever closer before your tear-filled eyes!

A helpful counter is also provided to tally each move as it is made.

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