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The 13th Hour


This isn't actually a game made for a GT event, but I wanted to post it here anyway. It's suitably small, easy to pick up, and worth a play or two.

You need to collect six cog-like pieces of a watch before you're out of time or the Red Spirits have destroyed you. Collect the six pieces and then move to the exit (it looks like a green globe).

You can adjust a handful of variables (and thus the difficulty of completing it) on the Options screen. Use the ARROW KEYS and either SPACEBAR or ENTER KEY to do stuff.

Have fun with it! And thanks for your indulgence with this non-GT submission. :)

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Eat Lots of Candy


A game about eating candy. Move with the mouse, and collect all the candy to proceed to the next level. MMF2 is really fucking slow. Why is it so slooooooooow.

Uses voices by SpindleyQ.

You can make your own levels! Create an image named {number}.bmp in the CandyLevels directory and the game will recognize it! 64x64 required or else your image will get truncated. You can also share your levels here if you want.

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It's a game about this world where everyone does battling with their cattle, shooting popsicles at each other in an attempt to make hamburgers explode outward in clusters.

Featuring lots of MIDIs merged into one. Also features morals and mindfuck and general weirdness. Do not play if you want to keep your sanity.

Click with the mouse to attack.

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An event
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