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Definitively finished June 16th 2018, which feels crazy long ago because back then I had no idea we were plural and understood nothing about trans rights.

This is a tutorial set to the game Chip's Challenge, with all hints and level titles written in the Rosetta language. This was both a practice of non-verbal tutorials and CC level-making in general. Should work with a legitimate copy of Chip's Challenge, but can also be played with the emulator Tile World 2. Works in both the Lynx and Microsoft rulesets.

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Chip's Challenge 2015 Retro Level Pack Adventure Collection For Fans Of All Skill Levels Or None Applicable (Version 0.999)


"Without thought conciousness, all creation is meaningless." - Chuck Summers, Challenging Thoughts

Collected here is 10 levels made by me, for you, in CCTools (or Channel Cipher Tautology of old longing stocks); truly the tool for the modern designer. It is available pre-packaged in a pre-configured copy of Tile World so any novice or expert or newcomer or extreme will be able to find an easy start and launch to get playing. Use the arrow keys and enter key to go! (Note: Tilde's Wonders is not owned by me, but I packaged it into this release for convenience of all users. The story follows below...)

Chapman's cinders fell down from the ceiling as you careen across the cavernous cliff-face known only as "BLISS"! So is the journey that leads you to falling as well, down into the barren pits known only as The Challenge Rooms Of Chipmunk's Crevice. Can you complete these ten mind bending puzzlers? No, nobody can! Thankfully, by pressing G at the start of a level or after being defeated horrible or after pressing Ctrl+R, you can enter one of the following passwords (in an unknown, mysterious order...) to get to one of the other 10 levels, even maybe the one you're on now! Check it out:

For easier perusal, these level signifiers are available to all in the download folder. Figure out the secret key codes to unlock your personal access! Now, onto continuing the conversation around Clammy Chippy's Challenging Chapsticks. Each level is an idea, or several, put together, or arranged, or something like that. Not all of them are as interesting to play as they were for me to make, not all of them take as long to finish as they took me to make. It's true! That's why you can access any level you want, in a pre-determined order outside of the natural lineage, should you find any of them frustrating.

By lowering the barrier of access to progression, the only thing that counts now is getting the highest overall score- but who's keeping track? Only the dedicated few ever will, so they can be ignored. What really matters is, in the words of Chuck Summers, "EXPERIENCE IS THE MEDIUM!". And I would agree. These levels ask for no more attention than some idle curiosity, and questioning:

Is level 7 really meant to be playable? How long did it take to make a pair of oppositional levels? Why do I always need to pick up these chips? Why did you ruin your mixtape like progression of ideology present throughout the normal arrangement of levels by making people over-consider the idea to play through the levels haphazardly at random, by perusing the selection of passwords, without even having to put in the effort to read the forums at GamerFAQS? Just how many levels are there? Are you going to stop telling me what to think?

All of these have answers, but how many can you figure out on your own?! You'll have to crack open your copy of Chilly Chambers right now, and walk into every block you see to figure it all out for yourself. No guidance will be provided other than that already listed. The only possible information that would be useful for those who don't have the dedication to walk into every possible combination of blocks as I do: try walking into anything you don't understand in Delightful Designs, it might just open your eyes.

"Curiosity bottled up leads to only an outpour of drain waste." - Chuck Summers, The Final Collection

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I CHEATED, Just to Make KotMK #50 MORE EPIC!!!


One day I created a failed Klik of the Month Klub entry. I scrapped it, never to see the light of day again... until today, where I release it half-intact as a small portion of this epic game!

Playtest entry #49, then throw it away! Fend off spambot attacks! Settle down and create your epic masterpiece for #50 with a little "inspiration" from classic Trainwreckers! Travel to space at least THREE TIMES! Fight epic bosses that pose no threat to you! Get down with some nerd rave! Do all this and MORE, all because I CHEATED, just to make Klik of the Month Klub #50 MORE EPIC!

The different portions of the game are either controlled by the keyboard or the mouse. If the keyboard doesn't seem to do anything, try using the mouse!

Sound levels vary from portion to portion. Always prepare for the sounds to get a little loud, I.E. you may not want to play this using headphones.

Oh yeah, Shift is the default fire/jump/whatever key.

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