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Incoroba Lib: The Hurdler, The Jogger, The Lion and the Frogger


Here's a new, uhh, Application/Library/Thing. I don't really know what to call it, but as I was making I thought What if I could make a short game in it with a really nice menu? I spent a while on it and I don't know how to present it really, but an example of what sports players and animals can do for you if put in a small window. But yeah, the .gam is tgf and the .exe is mmf2, if that makes any sense.

* Minutes of fun
* Hi Res Graphics
* Impress your neighbors
* What the heck is it?
* One track You have to start yourself in the menu
* Directions in a text file.


"hey, I was kind of hoping this was a Symphony program leaflet but all I got was this, whatever it is" - Teck Eliot

"i have to use the bathroom" - Canine Lion

"h3h0t9h390ghkln" - Mutt hoss

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Motocross TGF


A really, really shoddy Motocross Maniacs knock-off. For the first time in a while, I've actually made a Trainwreck that was, well, a Trainwreck! Done in TGF because that's what I first seriously used to make games as a kid.

If you've never heard of Motocross Maniacs, shame on you. Here's a video:

Shift to accelerate, and hold Up at the tops of ramps to jump higher off of them. I didn't feel like adding Nitro. Deal with it.

The loops are shitty path movement sequences where you collect items that don't mean anything. They are very important to collect in Motocross Maniacs, but not in Motocross TGF, because I was lazy and trying to create something shitty without any regard for quality. Enjoy.

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Strange Flyguy


First trainwreck I made within Linux. Not 100% sure if I broke the Windows side of things. Please use the multicore-fix-win.bat if you're on Windows, or if you're on Linux (expects you to have wine and taskset installed).

I had to leave early, so this game is a bit unfinished, but what's there is there.

Also, the sounds I included in here will probably drive you up a wall.

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