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Show Yourself!


These non-playable characters are trying to imitate you, the protagonist! When you move, they imitate your movements, almost exactly! But there's a little trick in each level to finding out which one you are!

WASD or arrow-marked keys: Move yourself, or select level.
Mouse: move yellow spotlight.
Left mouse button: choose.

See if you can sleuth it out, and remember: There's only one of you! There's no one else who's just like you!

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The Blob Family


This is a sequel to Dodge Bouncing Balls. In this game, Alliteration Parley must puzzle out the identity of each of the bellyballs on screen. Use the sonar, carefully observe their responses, and then tag them with the correct colour to win.

This is inspired by Liquisity, Pac-Man, Hundreds and Finderseek.


Arrow keys - Same as WASD
WASD - Same as DAWS
DAWS - Move Parley.
Click - Select weapon, use weapon.
Q on title screen - switch to different colouration. It's intended for colour-blind players, but I don't know how well it works...

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"Get out of the room, alien-zorching meatheads, because you'll need your noggins to bust this conundrum [...] Four mice out of five!"

"I didn't know it was possible [...] for a person to die of confusion, until I watched my brother succumb to this atrocious game."

"Never before has a puzzle game actually been ABOUT puzzle games, you know?"

Renardes is here! Unfortunately, most of its instructions were lost in the depths of space from which this fiendish and completely original puzzle came.

Use the arrow keys to move the double-square frame, and Z or Space to change the covered tiles in a red-yellow-green cycle.

Music by Andreas Bilke, via Mod Archive's "random" button.

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You are an owl, and you drop nitroglycerin. It destroys the level! Get the delicious ham, that is probably actually a chicken leg.

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