Not A Puzzle Platformer: Levels 1 and 2


I'm of the opinion that, among many indie game puzzle platformers, the "platformer" part really doesn't add very much to the "puzzle" part, especially ones which are clearly imitative of Portal. While Portal was ostensibly a "3D platformer", that doesn't necessarily mean that its puzzles or puzzle design clarity naturally degrades down to a 2D platformer. Too much focus is given on the length-height plane of Portal's puzzles, and, I feel, not enough on the length-width plane. So, in that vein, here are the first two levels of a game that is not a puzzle platformer.

WASD - Move.
Mouse - Aim.
Left click - Teleport.
R - Restart.
Reach the staircase to escape.

As it turns out it took ages to implement the special blocks' mechanics, so you only get 2 levels for now. Maybe in the future more will come forth.

The main inspiration for this was probably Epsilon, a somewhat drearily-coloured Portal-inspired puzzle game that is, strictly speaking, not a platformer either.

(Note: This may seem like I'm especially talking about the recent indie release "Gateways" but I haven't actually played that game outside of the first minute of the demo.)

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Blink Gunner


This is Blink Gunner, the teleport-powered dodge-em-up! Pilot the A.S.D.F. Sittingduck, a ship that cannot move but can teleport ("blink") to wherever you click the mouse. Once you blink, you must wait until you regain your juice (indicated by a ring around your ship) before you can blink again. Whenever you blink, a forcefield absorbs any enemy bullets within the ring, converting them into juice and making your ship recharge faster!


Left click: teleport to cursor location if you have a full ring of juice.
Keyboard: do nothing.

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[link to the game]

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