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Hungry Blob Thing


I was gonna make a joke where the game link is actually an adress on the C: drive but the Submission form is too smart for that. So i uploaded a corrupted version of the gam file instead.

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Dog Gone Big is about a dog that keeps growing! He's a polite dog, though, and doesn't want to bump into anyone. If you bump into any people, the game is over!

Run to pause your growth, bark to make people turn the other way, and eat hot dogs to shrink back down!

How many hot dogs you eat is also the score.

Outside of the game is a tale of two friends who grow up together, and then grow apart.

Arrow keys to move
X to bark
Z and an arrow key to run

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Seven stages of puzzle platforming purple-and-greenness.

Get to the exit!

Jump on green blocks (X key) and press up and down to grow and shrink the blocks.

Don't crush yourself, get lazered, or fall into the spikes!

John D. Moore
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Honey, I Shrunk the Jogger


Oh no, the Yellow Jogger is really small for some reason! Help him out by using the mouse! Left-click on objects like doors to interact with them. The Jogger will pick up some household items (one at a time) and carry them around. Right-click anywhere to make him drop the item. You want to guide the Jogger to the growth ray so he can unshrink himself.

Edit: Fixed level 5 so it actually requires the umbrella.

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This is based on Specter Spelunker Shrinks. But instead of shrinking evenly, you can contract your width and height independant of each other. So it's sort-of like this.

Arrows: Move
Shift + Up: increase height
Shift + Down: decrease height
Shift + Right: increase width
Shift + Left: decrease width
Z: Hop

Your hop height is affected by your mass, which is roughly your height multiplied by your width.

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