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Tropical Lima Beans


This is a very straightforward exploration-based area, focused mainly on visuals/ambience and the classic "find all power-ups in order to unlock the path to the exit" KS formula. There are a few very simple challenges here and there and a secret red artifact you can try to collect. Features custom graphics (tileset+gradient+a few COs) and a new ambience track I made by mixing some public domain sounds I got from

The screen with the umbrella leads to a dead end from where you can see a hollow area. I think this could be used for hiding another bonus and/or connecting to another area. Suggestions are welcome. The same goes for the background music (there's none at this moment, I can't decide if I should include a song or just let the custom ambience track do all the job).

Unique screens: 33 (not counting the duplicates used to fill up the sky)
Powers used: Run (available from the start), Climb, Double Jump, Umbrella, Eye, High Jump, Hologram.
Collectibles: Red artifact #1, Blue artifact #2.

* KS+ is required (uses artifacts, the overlay feature, a water OCO and an attachment for cave areas).

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Psychic Sweet Treats


I made something! It's mostly unplayable but full of heart! Kinda!

Use the arrow keys to move, press the left mouse button to paralyse enemies with the power of your mind, then click and drag their lifeless bodies so you can climb your way to the top!

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Who hasn't dreamed of going to a beautiful tropical island to eat delicious fruit on the beach? To extend your arm and catch a fruit and put it in your mouth?

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Stork Ride


Keep the child safe and sound.
Avoid obstacles and enemies.
Sand is safe.

Any key - lower or raise baby.

Each second - 1 point
Mango (checkpoint) - 50 points
Kiwifruit (bonus) - 100 points
Collision - lose 100 points

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