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Droid Didn't Do It!


As some of you are probably aware, it is now legal to jailbreak your iPhone. This is really good news, because it means that it opens up the market for others who don't want to go through Apple's inane App Store approval process. But Apple's response filled me with rage, so I made this game.

Press Shift a bunch to start the game. Hold Shift to accelerate your droid, and then hold Shift after that to decelerate, then hold Shift to accelerate again, and etc. Your droid will turn clockwise when you are not holding Shift. The objective is to ram into Steve Jobs without hitting the walls or any App Store restrictions.

Soundtrack from mock2.wad.

Oh, this is also my second trainwreck made in Linux, this time using MMF2, so Windows and Linux users alike can enjoy (without having to change process affinity)!

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