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Tunnel Game February 2017


This is the second tunnel game I've made in a series.
Music is by Eric Matyas http://soundimage.org/
I used Oculus Medium to sculpt an object to walk around.
I used Meshlab to reduce the polygons and add a textureless UVmap. Here is a tutorial on how to mostly do that:
Then I started experimenting with Unity 5's lighting-system. This tutorial was very useful (particularly the part about using a gradient):
I used some image-effects which is a lot more obvious on higher-end machines. I haven't rewatched it, but I think this is the video that showed me how to use those:

I'm happy with it. Some of the scenes are much less optimized than others because I was learning as I went along. The various scenes can be summoned by top number keys 0-6. scene 5 and scene 6 are the least performative largely because I was just throwing stuff in and taking it out later. One of the reasons I enjoyed this project and that I am happy it is over is that I feel that I could now do a lot of this stuff with better optimization if I start from scratch (based on things I learned along the way).

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Turtle Hurtle!


some stupid thing i made

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SCARRY HOORROR GAM 2017-01-29 15-49-18-07.png

Slender based games.
They always follow the same formula, you know?

- Lost in a forest.
- You have a useless item of some sort that does nothing to help you (a lantern or a flashlight with terrible brightness).
- Thing(s) are chasing you, clipping through trees because they're paranormal or something.
- It uses Unity's stock terrain assets.
- You collect objects.

I took these factors and made a game for my friend with some new tweaks.

- There's a baby, a bunch of flying fat children and a massive fist-cat coming your way.
- You have three useless items instead of one: A bootleg gluon gun, an empty pistol and your other gun (your huge biceps).
- The skybox is happy.
- You don't have to collect things. Just run around the forest trying not to touch the enemies.
- It was made in 1 hour. That's how easy it is to use Unity's stock assets.

Here's some controls:
WASD to move.
Space to jump.
Left click (and hold) to utilize the bootleg gluon gun.
Scroll wheel to rotate arm and pistol for gangster shot.
Right click to slug with your arm.

You are a person of small stature (known as a midget, a shorty, whatever you choose) with one big arm for slapping and one huge hand for
dual wielding. You go to the forest to see if you can find your pet cat Sclimgo (he's the fist-cat, the only cat you could ever ask for. He punches with such power, you'll never need a body guard ever again). You hear fat children and a baby. Sclimgo is now huge and evil. You realize that your arch nemisis, Slivki has turned reality upside down and now you have no choice but to run around and wait for the inevitable.

Are YOU tough enough to NOT get captured by Slivki?
CAN you EXPERIENCE what has NOT been EXPERIENCED before?

Pringle Ham Games
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Tunnel Game January 2017

tunnel game small.gif

'esc' to quit
'r' to restart
'wasd' to move
'space' to jump

I used Oculus Medium to sculpt the corridors and figure.
Meshlab was used to simplify the geometry and turn the vertex colors into a uv map.
The patterns are artifacts from experimentation with that process.
The tambourine is taken from Vet Trip's song "Finland"
I used Audacity to grab that.
The main song is "Many Rivers To Cross" performed by UB40
I also may have used MeshMixer at some point for geometry simplification.
Really I was just trying to figure out a good process for putting these tunnels I make in Medium into Unity.

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Captain Rollaboll

captain boss.png

Just started learning Unity, trying my hand at the Roll A Ball tutorial with a thrilling spaceventure.

Captain Rollaboll had no idea what to expect when he was chosen as the people's champion of the universe. Alone on a silent battlefield scarred by unknown architecture and strange monuments to forgotten wars, the captain must collect all the space orbs to prove that humanity is worth saving. The captain is a sphere.

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Merry Christmas, and a Huggy New Year


Merry Christmas Hugs!

I only got to include four of the things (I made up a language, but didn't squeeze it in :( ). But I think they are good ones~

I learnt a lot making it, and had a lot of fun. Hope you like it. Can you can find the s e c r e t ?

Controls are configurable, but the defaults are

WASD to jog.
Left Ctrl to grab.
Left shift to walk.
Spacebar to jump
Backspace to restart.
Escape to quit.

If you have a controller it should work with that too--works with mine (but quit and restart are only on keyboard)!

Made with Unity 3D and Crocotile3D.

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I just wanted to make something for Klik of the Month.
I didn't have an idea, so I looked through some of my recent photos and saw this one of some really neat construction going on. The plan was to crop the little workers and maybe platform or something, but I decided to box the player in with duplicates of the photo and then I became interested in creating a sense of height. I like how the crane is so impressively high at that nearness that you have to really crane your neck to see the top.

I'd like there to be more interaction, but I went over into 3 hours and I wanted to make sure I uploaded something tonight because all my game-projects lately have been partials that I haven't been uploading. Thanks for playing. Sorry for the file size, I haven't used Unity in a while.

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I learned how to make ragdolls, and this is the coolest experiment I made from it

the little robots DANCE to the music! and by that i mean i just add velocity to limbs depending on how loud the music is. still pretty cool though, i think.

push the speakers off the world to turn off the music and be a party pooper

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A TRAIL of a time!!!


You jumped into the sun and reached a new plane of existence!

Now the sky belongs to you... so decorate it as you please!

A little art tool/toy thingy.

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