Spirograph Skies


This is basically The Terrible Terrible Turret multiplied by 12. Though, this really began as a hack of Helipong.

Light up the night sky with a scintillating array of automatic laser fire! Use the arrows to rotate the ring of cannons, and see how long you can last before they are destroyed in a glorious blaze.

TIP: Get a friend to watch you play so they can tell you how cool the screen looks.

Oh, and here's something neat: unlike The Terrible Terrible Turret, I randomised the variables in the attack progression sequence. So, you'll get a slightly different kind of laser show every time you play.

Background "A Spring Sky Over Hirsau Abbey" via Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Leon Arnott
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You are locked on a circle. Travel around it, clockwise and counterclockwise. Shoot enemies, and dodge them.

Made for pirate kart v.

Shelby Smith
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"The colours... I can't remember what colours look like... so much gray... help..."

"It's like Pong, only in two dimensions! Goodbye left and right, hello 360! Great for kids and adults - three mice out of five!"

This is a sort-of sequel to my own Magnetball. In this game you must also keep the ball within a circular perimeter, but your only tool is a spinning Kururin-like paddle. Hit the ball when the paddle is at the right angle to keep it in play.

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It's Centipede -- IN A DISK!

You can't die. You just clear out the discapedes.

Made as a toy for my GF, who digs the original game greatly...

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