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Juni visits a factory and laughs at balls.

Made for Knytt Swapsies. Started by pfrangip, and probably ruined by rhetoricstu.

pfrangip & rhetoricstu
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Pushy Elephant


Made a game a day early! Birthday hijinx may prevent participation tomorrow.

2 players!
Make your opponent get in the scorpion's way!

Scorpions are bouncy, right? Like super balls with stingers. I'm sure I read that on Wikipedia or somewhere.

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Windows and OS X builds included in one zip file.

This is a grayscale adventure. Jump through the strange trouble-infested badlands in search of coins! Avoid the tiny elephants! Don't leap on the roly-roly's spikes!

Hit the mysterious question mark blocks to make something surprising happen! You might get a coin... or you MIGHT awaken the vengeful sky gods. Keep your wits about you!

It's procedurally generated, which means new surprises on different play-throughs!

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