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dream metro quadrilogy


four small lands based on recurring dreams i've had, along with some thoughts

made in/to be played in katelabs


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Cat Dream


Cat Dream
What do cats dream of?

Arrow Keys - Move
Esc - Quit

Thank you to TheCakeFlavor for the picture of Godzilla the cat
sprites from Koneko Monogatari (The Adventures of Chatran)
sprites from Super M*rio Bros. 2 ripped by Yawackhary
The city sprites are from somewhere but i'll need to look that up

Yuzo Koshiro - Labryinth II - Ever-Scarlet Forest from Etrian Odyssey II


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It Came From The Sky


Just a botched attempt to replicate a dream into game form.

Arrow keys - move
Space - jump

Fernando Aires Castello
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Lamp Eating Simulator 2017


As usual, most of the info is in txt file. Loud sounds.

UPDATE looks like EXE isn't working again for some reason, for now you need to launch GAM with TGF. I'll try to fix that...

UPDATE 2 but maybe it actually works, please tell me if it does/doesn't

UPDATE 3 Awarded with Box Of Spells as the funniest game of 2017 Sunfish Game Of The Year competition!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.37.17 AM.png

A lonely entry to the Spektrum Crush "Permadeath Radio" Jam.

Possible epilepsy warning.

Wander around. Touch things. Stare. Hum.

When you reach the yellow area, there is no further to travel. Quit at any time.


WASD to move.

Mouse to look.

Space to jump.

E to interact.


Uses the First Person Drifter control by Ben Esposito.

Piano sample is Frank Levy playing Chopin's Op. 32 No. 1 (Nocturne No. 9 in B Major), under Public Domain license, via musopen.org. I've modified it in various ways.

Various paid & free assets from the Unity Asset Store were used/repurposed.

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Car Park Dream

car park dream 1 640x.png

Drive a car in a carpark and also in a dream.


Use the 'W', 'A', 'S', and 'D' keys to move, and the mouse to move the camera.

Use 'Esc' to reset, 'Del' to quit, 'M' to toggle music, and 'L' to toggle the main light.

I prefer playing with the light and music off, but all versions are official dream cannon.


If your Unity 3D is up to date there's a new, free, beta version of the 'standard assets' in the Unity shop. Search for 'sample assets'. It includes car things.

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A very short Twine game about a dream.

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Please Go To The Forest


I need you to go to the forest. There's something in the forest. Please go to the forest.

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Zombie Pack



Two nights ago, I had a dream about going on holiday with my family. At the end of the week, they all packed their bags and left, while I arrogantly sat in the empty cottage surrounded by dirty clothes and books and stuff. I thought I would have plenty of time to pack my stuff up, but little did I know that the owner of the cottage had arranged for a horde of zombies to swarm in at 7pm and devour anyone who hadn't left yet! I guess this was to discourage lazy bums like me from hanging around after check-out time. The remainder of the dream involved picking up all my junk from around the cottage and its garden, while evading or fighting off zombies.

This is the game of that dream, created in Game Maker 7. Your goal is to pick up your five remaining t-shirts and stuff them into the bag before the zombies get you. There is no sound because I wasted far too much time drawing zombies. The game maker file for the game is included in the zip, in case anyone is interested in checking it out for some reason.

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