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Vegetable Grower 2


Finally, after waiting so long... It's arrived! The long awaited sequel to VG- that is, VG2! That is, Vegetable Grower 2!! Thank you very much for donations of $(D_AMT) and other support over the years, as otherwise we (ArfBark Group) wouldn't be able to have done it.

Vegetable Grower 2 picks off right where Vegetable Grower Part 1 left off- So to speak, after following Blu's guidance in the greenhouse, you have been chosen to let loose your awesome knowledge abilities in a real, true environment- The farm plains of your home city, $(P_CITY). Wonderful!!

However, you can't do it alone: As such, you will have the option of one of $(N_SPONSORS) possible player guides to pick from based off of famous, living, real gardeners. Some of them will require proven prowess to impress them enough before you can use them. Figure it out! Learn! Act!! Either way, no matter who you choose, the possibilities are without any limit...

Each actor comes with their own special implement, but there is a large selection of mowing devices available, representing the many moods of a vegetable grower. You will witness before your very hands the life cycle we depend on on a daily basis. Start with some cute Grass, mow it to Dirt, bring Water, create farm Acres, grow your Plants, and most importantly, produce Food!

Can YOU complete every Acre in the field?? Find out with Vegetable Grower 2... Welcome to the world! Of course, for detailed information and answers to any confusion or questions, please consume the README $(S_TYPE) file included with the program. Thank you, and please eat your greens!

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screen shot is not of the game, this is a knytt stories level. have fun!

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roll baby


oh what a broken game. knock over the obstacles. collect the fruits and vegetables. roll the baby.

left and right arrow to influence the baby's rolling
up is supposed to be a jump button, but if you're next a wall and you tap it repeatedly you can sort of climb

music is armadillo by yubatake

thanks + enjoy

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Cucumbersome is a game about cucumbers and frustrating control schemes and also Mario.

Badass music by h_double!

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