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Dr. Creepinscare's Pumpkin Patch Match


Dr. Creepinscare is here to invite you to test your wits and reflexes in his fiendish pumpkin patch! Have a spooky good time placing the falling pumpkins into special arrangements to clear the field. The mad genius of Dr. Creepinscare has devised it, though, that all the pumpkins have similarly carved faces. Be alert!

Skulls and stones may try to get in your way, but you'll get the better of them!

If you do well, Dr. Creepinscare's kitty cat might pay you a special visit!

Make 2x2, 3x2, or 3x3 (with something else in the middle) pumpkin patch shapes to earn points! See if you can do better than Dr. Creepinscare himself!

This game features a tour de force vocal performance by Boris, my wife's cat.

I like to imagine this as a forgotten licensed game for an obscure children's TV property.

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Created for everythingstaken
(theme was: halloween on christmas, arcade, vegan etc)

Defend your pumpkin patch from .. whatever those things are
(you get extra points for rescuing a pumpkin but unlike defender, or real life pumpkins, you can let them fall safely on their own)

Web version supports online hi-scores (but due to the mysterious ways of flash it sometimes doesn't work, then its local)

Surprise Yoga Bandits
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The Great Pumpkin


I used to grow pumpkins when I lived in Ohio.
I've started to grow squash again recently.

Included are various samples and references.
Based on a mechanic my buddy made.

I made an arcade supported version so two people could play it together somehow and it's slightly rebalanced. I think it's better, but I'm still including the old game in there.

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YouLostTheKeysToTheHouse ButYouAreInJail


Thanks Dattorz!
Theme was turning into a monster from sergio!
Have fun! Stay safe!

If you played the first version of the game, don't press [Y] press [space]. If you just downloaded the game, press [Y]

New Edit:
I changed the title so it fits in the space nicely.

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Halloween Bounce House


You may want to lower your volume before playing this game, as many sound effects will play simultaneously. Move your ghost around with the left and right arrow keys, avoiding the reproducing vampires until there are enough of them to cause a massive chain reaction of bounciness and chaos. Can you max out the score?

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Race to the Pumpkin Patch


Well, I decided to finish up a Knytt Stories level that I abandoned a few weeks back for Klik of the Month. It's got a (pretty inappropriate now!) Halloween theme, and it's inspired pretty heavily by Monocromatica Grotto. Anyway I hope you enjoy it! It's the first level I ever made that's even a little bit hard.

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Killing of the Great Pumpkin


Killing Of the Great Pumpkin

A game by Mark Porter with music by Duncan Fenn.

Thanks to Philip Linde.

Yesterday I joined glorioustrainwrecks and made my first game in years- well 5 years to be exact. I have to admit it was quite a lot of fun so I felt like doing something else well just today - with the remaining motivation and spirit. I have to admit this game took longer than 2 hours because my computer would fuck up and a lot of other problems. The graphics just took me like 25 minutes so the rest got wasted in coding.

I still hope you enjoy this title even though it took longer than 2 hours. Sorry but I didn't want to submit a buggy piece of junk.




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Ghost Attack


Defend yourself against the ghosts' attack.
Shine your torch on them using your mouse to stop them getting closer and click on pumpkins to get points.
10 pumpkins gain you an extra life.

Completed in just about 2 hours. My 2nd entry to a Klik ever!

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