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The Great Pumpkin


I used to grow pumpkins when I lived in Ohio.
I've started to grow squash again recently.

Included are various samples and references.
Based on a mechanic my buddy made.

I made an arcade supported version so two people could play it together somehow and it's slightly rebalanced. I think it's better, but I'm still including the old game in there.

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Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide


This is a multiplayer interpretation on the classic novel. If you have a split personality like the character(s) in this book, you can play it by yourself and see which of you wins.

This game also has a specific peripheral required to play. Included in the game is a PDF showing you how to prepare and protect your keyboard.

This was made for the last Global Game Jam. This game is only posted here by the way. NYU hosted it and had several different awards one being best "Trainwreck" and the other being best "peripheral". Because I only post my games here I went real hard to represent. I was nominated for both, but didn't win. The Trainwreck award went to a game called "Shia LaBeouf ate my hands".

This game is dedicated to Andrew Yoon who I sat next to for most of the jam who recently died, and my friend Shawn Bradford who was a subconscious inspiration for the peripheral.


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Killing of the Great Pumpkin


Killing Of the Great Pumpkin

A game by Mark Porter with music by Duncan Fenn.

Thanks to Philip Linde.

Yesterday I joined glorioustrainwrecks and made my first game in years- well 5 years to be exact. I have to admit it was quite a lot of fun so I felt like doing something else well just today - with the remaining motivation and spirit. I have to admit this game took longer than 2 hours because my computer would fuck up and a lot of other problems. The graphics just took me like 25 minutes so the rest got wasted in coding.

I still hope you enjoy this title even though it took longer than 2 hours. Sorry but I didn't want to submit a buggy piece of junk.



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