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This was another brief driven game for University, and my second project ever. If you can survive more than 5 minutes in this game I will send you enough money to buy a beer.

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1hgj - Midnight Girl


MIDNIGHT GIRL, made in just over one hour for One Hour Game Jam. The theme this time round was Dreams. Converted to HTML 5, so it should play in any browser.

It's a basic shooter with a time limit, inspired by the world of the old-skool NES game "Little Nemo the Dream Master." Maybe that's why the main character is riding an alligator. Of course, had I more time, this would be much more expansive. So it goes.

Press SHIFT/JOY BUTTON 1 to shoot bolts, which destroy the Nightmare Beasts (orange guys). Sprinkle Dreamdust on the sleeping kids with CTRL/JOY BUTTON 2. Tag the windows to increase your spawn multiplier to earn more points. If you shoot a window, it will be destroyed.

All artwork and event coding hastily created by me (though I must admit I'm particularly happy with the appearance of the windows). Sounds made in BFXR. Background music from .


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Project A.S.I.S.


A challenging retro shootemup I made as a reward for a guy who won a high score contest for one of my other games. It's a space-age shootemup with six stages that each use different mechanics. I had a lot of fun coming up with the different stages and then doing vocal recordings for some parts of the game.

Press the ARROW KEYS to make menu selections. On the Stage Select screen, press CTRL/JOY BTN 2 to hear a description of the stage. Press SHIFT/JOY BTN 1 to confirm your selection and start the stage. You can attempt 6 stages before the game ends and records your score.

Strafe with the ARROW KEYS/JOYSTICK.
Change direction by tapping SHIFT/JOY BTN 1 when pushing a direction.
Use your Speed Booster by pressing CTRL/JOY BTN 2. There's limited energy, but when it's not being used it recharges.
(Game now has full controller support. To enable, press CTRL + Y, then check the box for Player 1 next to "Joystick" and press OK.)

Each stage is slightly different, but uses the same mechanics. Try for a high score. :)

I made all the graphics and sfx. The background tunes are currently slowed-down NES soundtracks (Silver Surfer and Zen: Intergalactic Ninja). Game was made with Clickteam Fusion in 2017. Game is now version 1.3.

Have fun! :D

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Meteor Shooter


METEOR SHOOTER, a tribute to Kitaru's CAVE SHOOTER for the No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam.

ARROW KEYS to move your ship.
SPACEBAR to activate your shield. Do not run out of energy while surrounded by meteors!
The game is over when you run out of ship energy (the green bar). You suffer damage when you impact meteors. The faster they're moving, the more damaging a hit will be.

You earn points for shooting meteors, and you earn even more points for smashing your shield into the meteors.
Event coding by let-off studios. SFX made in BFXR by let-off studios. Sprites originated with Clickteam. This is an HTML5 game, and so should be playable on nearly every computer.

Play the original Cave Shooter here:


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Paxta Buxtor: Spexialty Go Unit (for Lynx)


this game turned out to be kind of a mess, but i hope you do enjoy.

description of game:
crush your enemies and collect all the coins. it's the life of a princess.
you get points by collecting the coins. you lose points by getting blown up. you also lose points by getting bumped, and you lose even more points when you get bumped or blown up while you have powerups. you should collect those powerups, though, and avoid touching anything unhelpful. if you die on zero or fewer points, it's game over! theoretically, though, you can finish the game with a negative score. if you're clever.

music featured is by abstraction!

arrow keys or wasd - move
space or z - fire your weapon
x or tab - switch between your weapons
p - pause the game
r - quick restart after game over

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Space World: Around the World! (for let-off-studios)


Space World!: Around the World

Introducing a new adventure series that will make you think twice about the way you interact with your world. The adventures will shed light into your life and inspire you to pursue health and happiness. You'll learn how to lead a life that is good for you, your community, and the earth.

The adventures and the guest adventurers will be chosen by the ShenglyLong. The first adventure will be in Space World: Around the World! and it could by you joining! Visit ShenglyLong for details and to apply

This Shoot-em-up Was Developed In Canada, But You Probably Can't Tell · Defend Your Undies In Some Yeti on Furry Action · The Feel Of ...

This shoot em’ up won over the hearts of many during its original 80′s console release,rty and its back to help you remember the good old days. Its just the way you remember it, and its just as challenging. Do you have what it takes?

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Tumiki Fighters + Gradius = This.

DrBlowhole20 presents you a SHMUP game of 4 hard levels with some heck and crap.

Note: You need the font below the attachments to get the game to work.

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feminist bullet-hell shmup

survive until your baby dies of exposure

WASD to move | left mouse button to teleport to cursor position

inspired by Kumiho | thanks to friend Erin for most of the sound effects!!!

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Pest Control 360°


A followup to my Batari Basic game Pest Control in Space. This time there's more bees, and the action is in 360 degrees! (Oops I rhymed)

Move the mouse left and right to move your ship along the perimeter. Hold the mouse button to fire. Destroy the hive and any remaining bees to progress to the next level. Hitting a bee with your ship will kill you. As you progress, the hive becomes larger, the bees spawn more frequently, and they descend more rapidly!

Press C to insert a credit, and S to start the game.

Also, if you stay on the title you can watch a little demonstration.

Update: Made a couple fixes. Redownload if you've already downloaded.

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Gratuitous Profanity


Controls: Arrows + X

Scoring: 1 point per "fuck" heard

Voices: Evan Balster (@celluloseman)

Background: Had a weird idea in 2010 to take Mafia 2 on for the Guinness World record for most profanity in a videogame. Made a TIGSource devblog. Got some awesome art from PANPOMMA and some awesome recordings from Cellulose and AGJ. Then promptly lost interest before finishing a prototype in Flash. This is a new MMF2 prototype I hacked together tonight for Glorious Trainwrecks.

Video: (spoilers)

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