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Prof. EagleEye 3


The third game in the Prof. EagleEye saga.
The Prof. hasn't seen differences in quite a while. Now he invites you to his
secret laboratory to go to new dimensions and find
some more differences!

-as good as the 2 games before it
-good game
-endless replayability
-more differences than in the first game
-less differences than in the second game
-hours and hours of playtime
-for the whole family

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Prof. EagleEye 2


The amazing sequel to the smash hit Prof. EagleEye.
The Prof is back, and this time he sees even more differences.

-The differencest
-Giddy people all over the world that want to play it
-As good as the first one

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An event

Extreme Fishing


Insane fishing action! Kill fishes and get meat, but be careful with hazardous obstacles! Can you get enough meat to satisfy Poseidon and reach the top on the online highscores?

- Online highscores! Register your name as the deadliest fisherman in the world!
- Punk Piranhas! Gentlefishes! Spartan Swordfishes! EIGHT different kinds of fishes to hunt down!
- Use harpoons, torpedoes and even LASERS! A total of 31 COMBOS!

Leonardo Millan & João Zanini
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An event
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Atlantis no Nazo no Murasamejou


A man finds a treasure map which lead him to the middle of the sea.
He takes the dive down to an underwater wonderland.

Use down, left and right arrow keys to swim around and avoid the deadly shark fishes and jellyfishes.

You'll also need to keep an eye on your lung pressure, do not let it go too much over 100, or you gonna be sleeping with the treasure. To do this you'll need to chill out in the shallower water first (not that you aren't pretty much forced to because I got carried away with the rng again.)

Also about Kung Fu 3 which I've been endlessly blabbering about:

I'm gonna try and give myself a kick in the butt (I've barely made enough progress that counts this far), and put up a dev diary for it sometime next week in hopes that I will actually someday work towards finishing it instead of working in random twenty minute farts couple times a week.
I'll also drop lots of other shit in there from time to time, like an updated version of the second one for starters, followed by some of my non-GTW-wrecks from past years and maybe a bit more "history" so you dudes understand what's going on (I never introduced myself :( ).

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