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Florida Internet Simulator 2.0


I'm at a hotel in Florida as I write this,and the internet here is godawful.
This game sums up what happens.

Arrow Keys: Move

The best connection I get here is in the bathroom.

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Vector the Crocodile in Pony Adventure


A short, crappy game I coded in an hour. Contains ponies. You'll need an interpreter to play this; google "WindowsFrotz" or "Gargoyle interpreter" for Windows, "Zoom interpreter" for Mac.

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Caevstroy sucks part 2 of 15


AHOY THARR! Kill the knytts before you get itchy scalp syndrome! Starring Jesus as an ill mannered television herder!

featuring juni but made in KNP - don't try to drop it into knytt installer you fool!

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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