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Christmas Activities


made in TGF1


A collection of games for kids of all ages, featuring:

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CHRISTMAS: Tell Santa how much you love him to get the best gifts!

SNOW DAY: It's been snowing non-stop, and you know what that means! Not only is there no school, but you can go out and play in the snow!

TREE DECORATING: Time to put up that Christmas tree, and decorate it with candy canes and ornament bulbs! Be careful to not drop any!

LETTER OPENING: Woah, what's this? A stockpile of Christmas cards from all your relatives! Open em all up and see how many gift cards you got!

SNOWFLAKE CUTTING: Make paper snowflakes of your own creative design!

GIFT UNWRAPPING: Finally, it's Christmas Day! Unwrap your gifts to see what Santa brought!


Instructions are fully given within the game.

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oh my god it is now 2 in the morning

I did not intend to spend 6 hours on this

I am sorry Adam Saltsman and Danny B. Style for taking your work and adding so little

I am sorry Pizza Time for putting pants on your magnificent pixel Santa sprite

(but you can hit shift-P to take them off)

Deliver presents to all of the children of the world! Don't fall off a building before you finish or Christmas will be ruined!

Jeremy Penner
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Cyber Santa vs. Secret Satan


Secret Satan must mess up the chistmas gifts that are placed in all buildings. However Santa left his Cyber Santa minion to prevent any mischief.

Arrows to move, space bar to start game and advance game over and victory screens.

Press up in front of a door to enter a building.

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Santa Without a Claus


merry chistmas

((name changed thanks to Smedis2 who is smarter than me))

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Santa Vs. Cops



A ridiculously over-ambitious attempt to make a game in which Santa attempts to deliver presents while avoiding the cops who want to catch him. It ended up devolving into a game where Santa places exploding presents to blow up hoards of oncoming cops. Use the arrow keys to move, and press X to place a present. When it all goes to hell and Santa dies, press R to start over.

Spencer Green
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Santa is Sick


Santa is sick and it's up to you to deliver his presents. up and down moves, avoid the naughty biker dudes and deliver the presents to the good boys. don't let any of them escape without a treat!

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ack in olden tymes, during thy reigne of Queene Henry XIV, Santa Clause was a Dragynne! He doth deliverith presentse to the nice children, and did burne downe yon houses of thy naughty. Take controle of Dragonsanta in this historically accurate Renaissance Simulatione, and useth yon Psychic Dragone Powers to feparate the nice from the naughty. Try not to punish good childrynne or reward bad ones!

(Partial game design credits go to my four-year-old son, who suggested I make a game about "alligators fighting with dragons." When asked for a more festive idea, he offered "dragons in Christmas.")

(May have problems working in Firefox for some people?)

Yon 'Q' of Clan Spindley
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Race to Save Christmas


Press right to run, shift to jump. Try to beat the Rabbi to the little kid.

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Klik & Activities: Santa's Workshop


With this INTERACTIVE program, members of the whole family can come and enjoy working at Santa's workshop, wrapping presents with Santa's amazing gizmos! Does not involve The Grinch in any way, shape or form!

Does not involve The Grinch!
Does not involve The Grinch!
Oh hell, I lied. It does involve The Grinch.

Features multiple endings based on moral decisions!

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The Christmas Caper


Santa Claus has defied the reason for the season for too long. Join Baby Jesus as he takes back his own holiday, or dies trying.

Arrows to move, Space to fire Cross Missiles.

Choose Hell mode to unlock the true ending!**


Classic Bullet Hell action
Two difficulties for double the fun!
Custom hand-drawn sprites!!!
A selection of delightful holiday musak

**True ending may be identical to normal ending

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