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Chime Crime


It is 3102 malovian stornich calendar

The ringing of bells or Chime Crime has been forbidden at the penalty of death. The reason for this has been lost to the ages.

The notorious immortal ancestral alien protohuman criminal who brought forbidden cosmic knowledge of sauerkraut to all Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third has been fooled into committing the heinous act of Chime Crime in front of the Tribunal of Flowers by his rival and kindergarten teacher Heartbeast Saintslayer.

The only way out is for Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third to beat the system. The protostructure will go bankrupt prosecuting you if you commit one million infractions. Ring the bells. Fearlessly strike them again and again to blasphemy the law itself before you bear the weight of your crime instead of letting evidence accrue. But beware. Invoke the mark of the sickle, draw its attention and it shall cut your life short. Let death fall as it may. You have no other hope to survive.

Catch bells for points.

You will be penalized for bells that fall off the screen, and ultimately lose a life.

Shoot the bells to increase the point multiplier before you catch them.

Don't get greedy in aquiring points, because shooting the bells too many times will cause them to kill you instead when you catch them.

Get one million points to win the game.

Cursor keys - move
Space - shoot

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Greenday ZZT


Greenday ZZT was inspired by an old game I played back in the day and it references to chapter 1. It's a story of loss and lament, and involves a young boy and his troubles with being unable to attend the band's concert. Originally a 1 scene 2 frame game, I have added 4 extra paths and some title pages, incorporated some new gameplay and added a tight but simple story.

I've included the Lyon library for those who have trouble running ZZT with sound and without crashes.

The chapter selector is on the title screen and after a chapter is over the game must be reloaded to access other chapters (limits of zzt on the engine) pressing O

Space for info on the title screen is a farce, but just hold down shift+direction and you'll get the info provided.

The adventure is short but I feel it has enough depth, laughter and overall tones of lament and acceptance that I feel it is a good tone for this month, so I've resurrected this oldie but goodie as a red herring, but hopefully it's a good one others will enjoy, or overlook. So feel free to run it in zzt, lyon (included) or the execution of your choice.

Thanks go to Newt, Mew, ERI, the GT crew, Saxxonpike, mno, smedis, linhat, spindley or inspiration and whatnot..

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There Is A Monster at the End of this Game


Arrows + space.

Made with a team for Molyjam NYC.
Monster sprite ripped from Monsters, Inc. GBA.
Music ripped from To the Moon.
Full credits in game.

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Game 7


A new kind of text adventure! Can you find all 54 endings?

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The Pseudologue of Persia


A once-captured Prince narrates the tale of his heroic escape to a Princess.

Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
The Idle Thumbs Podcast

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win condition

win-condition 2012-02-17 08-26-36-54.png

music by bart (


arrow keys to move
z to swing sword
x to shoot arrows

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Vector the Crocodile Wants a Lot of Rings


Vector the Crocodile is in an old abandoned fortress full of rings. He wants these rings! A lot of them! The game has THREE EXCITING ENDINGS depending on how many rings Vector gets.

(Press X to jump!)

(Press up to go through the red door when you're done!)

The Vector sprite is courtesy of Yuski. Thank you, Yuski!

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Klik & Activities: Santa's Workshop


With this INTERACTIVE program, members of the whole family can come and enjoy working at Santa's workshop, wrapping presents with Santa's amazing gizmos! Does not involve The Grinch in any way, shape or form!

Does not involve The Grinch!
Does not involve The Grinch!
Oh hell, I lied. It does involve The Grinch.

Features multiple endings based on moral decisions!

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