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You Have to Put the Post in the Forum: A new SoftSoft game

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I made this game to celebrate my 1,000th post on some message board I frequent too much. It's basically just a dumb in-joke, but maybe you guys will like it as well?

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The rise of a Smoorf, the fall of a man.

According to my to-do list (which, like all track-keeping, doesn't in any way give out actually reliable
information about how long finishing stuff will take) I'm about a third of the way (the least painful
third) done now. But let's not talk about that.

Let's talk about Smoorfs.

What is a Smoorf? [sic]
A miserable little pile of joke games, that's what.
(full title: Murfit Pirasee Vehlo Kanka Noka Pröt Shub Lapissi Taavi-eno Kirain Maasa)

It's a four part series of 94.7% joke games that got out of hand just like Kung Fu. (only the end product of that will have some no-joke-kickass merit)
I really don't have anything to say, so I'll let the games speak for themselves.

Note: I'm pretty sure you can beat the first two ones no problem, but the third and fourth one have some (ok in the fourth it's like half of them) plain impossible/unplayable/shitty levels. Press DELETE to skip a level.

DOWNLOADS: Games 1-3 Fourth

Next blog will be some deeper kungfu stuff probs, and the following will be more of my old shit.

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