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The No Pressure Game


The No Pressure Game

NOTE: please turn your volume down before starting the game, as the amount of audio playing simultaneously could be overwhelming.

I made this minimalist management sim in a couple hours because I wanted to have a simple project I could finish within a day. it's an abstract representation of managing my internal and external states. it is in design silly, but in influence somewhat serious.

you can affect the bars with the mouse, by hovering over one of the five sprites in the lower half of the screen. or, alternatively, not hovering over any of them.

there is no ending, nor any goals to reach, despite what the text on screen might suggest. the purpose is to experiment with how different factors interact, and to hear the associated pieces of audio swaying in and out of focus.

made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 by nikki
all graphics from Clickteam's Klipart libraries
font is from the Text Blitter extension by Christopher Lightfoot

audio sources:

Autechre - Hub
Autechre & The Hafler Trio - ha3oe
Aphex Twin - Tassels
Legowelt's Junoy 106 and Roland JD800kit sample packs
The Electronic Music Manuscript by Richard Devine
Vintage Sound Effects by Craig Smith on
Cryostasis, Half-life 2, Silent Hill 2, Halo 3, Paper Mario

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Last Game of the Year 2020 (Last GOTY 2020)


they said it couldn't be done...... But it was! despite trying to talk myself out of it, I did it!

First Game:
Second Game:

A hidden object game. It's scaled down from the previous one, but there's still plenty here

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Find the Worm


Find The Worm

a game by Nikki Bee

will you find the worm?
how many rounds can you last?
instructions inside

made for the Spring Break jam on itchio

text - Unifont
graphics - Clickteam
audio - Half-Life 1 computer voice, and a glitched Speak & Spell sample pack

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An event

The Place Of Animal's


im bity

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An event

Little Mouse Maze


It is a little maze for the mouse to wander around in and collect cheese.

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An event
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Shoot em' up


warning: may be offensive to human

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WarioWare D.I.Y: Invisi-phant


The highly anticipated follow-up to Find-a-phant provides a more formidable challenge! Again, this is a remake of an existing trainwreck, Where is the invisible Elephant? by MarkP0rter.

Join the event to get this game! The .mio file is also available for download.

Again, here's a Vine playthrough.

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Hangman SE (Special Edition) [or: The Hanging Man - A Game Worth Playing]


Zoom! Enhance!

Made in Visual Basic 2012 6.0. Windows only, unless you're a magician!! :)

2018 Extra Notes: Not much to add here. T'was a mandatory part of the college course I was on at the time to make this and somehow I managed to convince my tutor to let this pass, since it technically met all the requirements. Never said it had to look good, y'know~ Anyway this is pretty much just one joke and it's not that great. I never touched Visual Basic again after this.

KevinTech Gaming
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MUHAMMAD 6 The verwourren Brothers




Some years after the "big split", the event where Muhammad III and Gigigenn went into a seperate timeline to live a wonderful live without evil creatures, Muhammad III's son Muhammad IV finds a mysterious cave and tells his brother Muhammad V to follow him. In the cave, they find a mystical spirit that transforms Muhammad IV into an evil Muhammad. Now Muhammad V and his friend Monkey Muhammad go to find the mad Muhammad IV and make him good again.

-Finally there really are some changes in the Muhammad formula
-At least 1Powerup
-8 magical ancient Muhammad statues perfectly hidden throughout the adventure
-No more savestates!
-No more fun!
-Harder than Muhammad 4
-Harder than Muhammad 5
-Monkey Muhammad poops explosive eggs

Here are some quotes from Muhammad fans all over the world who didn't want the Muhammad series to stop:

Speedy Gonzales: I don't want the Muhammad series to stop because it is oh so very fine.
Bc_: How is eating in A badly named box, Supposed to endanger a dark-brown fox?

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