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"I Let The Sunglasses Do The Talking"

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"i can see you
but you can't see me, baby
my face obscured by the shadows

i can watch you
undetected, baby
and i know you'll never knowwwwwww"

-sunglasses man

(I changed it a tiiiny bit... here's the original if you're curious:

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Killer Glasses from outta space


18 MB? holy fucking crap. i am terribly sorry for this big ass file size. if i knew how to code flash games this would definitely be smaller but oh well. it isnt worth it at all but feel free downloading it if you dont have anything better to do anyways.

oh yeh about the game: glasses are attacking the city. the mayor has asked you to get rid of them. thats the whole story. exciting i know.

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An event
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