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Cincinnati Pole Game


Cincinnati Pole Game Directions:

Welcome to the Cincinnati Pole Game!
This game exists within a larger simulated space, so I am providing you with directions on how to get to the Cincinnati Pole Game where you can start pole-climbing! Does that sound good?

When you start in the lobby, look for the green door. Go through that green door. Don't be concerned when you begin to fall, just enjoy the sights!
You will eventually fall into an area where there is a pink side and a green side. On the pink side of the area, there is a white train-station. There is only one train that comes there and it is the one you want to get on.
The train-ride is only about a minute long.
Once you get off the train you will be in Cincinnati. You'll need to walk through the Central Business District. Take a left when leaving the train-station and then when you get to a corner that bends left, take that street. When you come out you should be at the river park where the Cincinnati Pole Game is located. Have fun climbing the pole. When facing the pole and close, use the mouse button and spacebar to climb. See if you can ring the bell on top!

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Small adventure for the Master Climber


Ok so to play this game, what you are going to want to do is copy the text below:

#%              %#
#%              %#
##              ##
##              ##
##              ##
##              ##
#P               #
####          ####
#  #          #  #
#  #          ####
####   !  !   #  #
#  #          ####
#  #          #  #
#  #   !  !   #  #
#  #          ####
####          #  #
#  #   !  !   ####
#  #   #  #   #  #

P = Player
# = Brick
% = Box
! = Spring
. = JumpingSpring

// List syntax
ThingsThatFall = [ Player JumpingSpring ]

Sproingy = [ Spring JumpingSpring ]

// Accelerate down, like gravity. On everything in the list
{ ThingsThatFall } -> { DOWN ThingsThatFall }

// Move sideways with <LEFT> and <RIGHT> arrow keys
{ <HORIZONTAL> Player } -> { HORIZONTAL Player }

// Move up while pressing against a wall
HORIZONTAL { Player | Wall } -> { UP Player | Wall }

// Springs are Sproingy
DOWN { DOWN ThingsThatFall | Sproingy } -> { JUMP ThingsThatFall | JUMP JumpingSpring }
DOWN { DOWN JumpingSpring | Wall } -> { JUMP JumpingSpring | Wall }

// Win if touch box
{ Player | Box } -> { WIN Player | Box }

And paste it into here:

And then click the "play" button on the top-right.

micro gg is the work of @WaynePetzler. Here's the tweet that made me find out about it.

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noontooth - les dents du midi FOR QUASIOTTER


Learn the art of harmonic climbing!

Briefly meet a few cuties!

Win the biggest bag of milk in the world!

quasiotter's Sekrit Santa Wish List:
An input dedicated to [a normal human action] that doesn't affect gameplay at all
press C while climbing to cough!
A demake of the first level of your third favourite game, but no-one would actually know it's referencing that game unless you told them
songs feature from my favorite games, although it isn't subtle
Hidden quote from Helen Keller (it can't be the main objective, it's a SECRET! SHHHHHH!)
Secret level had to be cut in the interest of time
Imprecise photogrammetry* for 3.5 objects (*photo textures on a mesh)
No meshes, but many photo textures
Sensory overload that will definitely not crash the game on any computer
Gameplay is restricted to 1 dimension (i.e. can move along the Z-axis only), though the world can be 2D or 3D
The only direction you move in this game is up the mountain.
Someone under 10 or over 60 is the director and/or level designer and/or environment artist and/or foley artist for this
The largest bag of milk in the world. I'm not kidding
It's big.
The skybox subtly reminds you of your dad, without actually looking like him (alt: a friend with really great teeth)
This was made in the level editor of a game you wish more people would play (if it's not a free game, or if it's on a console, make it an auto level [completed without any input] and record it to video please, but if it's the video then it would be funny if you used a bad camera to record the screen and you have to run an executable to see the video instead of posting it to a video hosting site lol)
You need to get this off your chest, so just dump it in this game
Some emotions conveyed in this game are mine.
You never thought you would make a game this tiny
Actually it's pretty big, but the window is only 800x600
You really just wanted to make some characters that you would date if they were real
All characters were designed with maximum datability in mind.

Download the windows one if you're running windows, or the python one if you have python installed.

Read the readme for more information, or contact me on discord at TheCakeFlavor#4666.

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Mega Mountain 2100


Mega Mountain 2100 is a "climbing platformer metroidvania" without an ability to jump that's an unofficial sequel to the Glorious Trainwrecks classic Mega Mountain.

It's heavily inspired by indie classics like Cave Story, Undertale and Mega Mountain.

The game isn't finished yet. The game *.exe and the page are placeholders and everything can change at any time.

- not too much, it's a demo.

(C) 2017 Adrian Makes Games. Original Mega Mountain by sylvie. Made with love.

Adrian Makes Games
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sound effects: and thriller

anna anthropy
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Trepidatious Peak


Climb up the mountain. Use X to jump. You can climb walls with the Up key. You can also wall-jump if you press X while not pressing Up.

There are no lethal obstacles, but you will die if you fall more than four blocks' distance then hit the ground. But if you grab a wall instead of hitting the ground, you will survive.
You can place up to three respawn points at locations of your choosing.

* Knytt
* This comic.
* Bolo's so-called Little Green Man.

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When the world was young, and only one man and woman walked the Earth, I can't help but feel that they were surely very, very immature to each other. Especially over a biological difference so immediately obvious.

In case it wasn't clear, this is basically Donkey Kong with urine.

EDIT: Fixed incomplete controls listing on title screen.

EDIT2: Fixed no music in Windows.

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Medieval Zoo Espionage


You have come to visit the really, really huge, genetically-engineered giraffe at the local zoo! You want to feed it cake, but mom won't let you!

Find a way!

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