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A Quick One (Knytt Stories)


Here is a short, simple Knytt level. I tried to stretch myself a little, narratively speaking, by telling a story with as few words as possible, but I don't think I was entirely successful. Oh well!

Trivial trivia: This is not the first level I started that takes its title from a Who song, but it is the first one that I finished! Also, note that the song and level have absolutely nothing besides the title in common. (I think.)

Edit: Fixed a really obvious void. Like, dang girl, what was I thinking, leaving a void like that unaccounted for?

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An event
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Demo of Tommy, the Text Adventure of the Movie of the Rock Opera


A stunning new demo of the text adventure based on the rock opera hit! Be sure to nab the full game next Spring!

(Note that you'll need an interpreter to play this game, such as Zoom for Mac or Windows Frotz for, well, guess.)

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Pirate Kart 2
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