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Alpha Duck 5100: A Portrait of Perfection


Again, I thought the Global Game Jam project I worked on this year might appeal to a few folks here, seeing as it's a tough-as-nails ARG supplemented with shockingly badly acted FMV-inspired movie sequences that make me cringe. Check it out, and don't hesitate to ask for hints as you will likely need them.

OK, back to work on my Sekret Santa game.

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No Friends the "aminated" series


Here's a riddle for you:

What's so bad it's pure fukken comedy gold, moves around 6 to 12 frames per second, and stars a stick man with animu hair, a lizardman, and a ninja who never takes off his suit as the main characters?

I hereby present to you-

NO FRIENDS!!! (how it got its name's an incredibly dumb story that has nothing to do with my social life)

No Friends is a series of animations bunches of pictures with some parts that move occasionally
(usually the mouth(it finally gets "better" in episode 24)) that was my first time expressing myself. It
was embarrassingly bad right from the beginning, but if I hadn't continued it at the time, I most likely
wouldn't have eventually tried my hand at doing a game based on it (something I dabbled in with GM back then.) It was gonna be an RPG, and obviously it failed the first time. But then it happened. I wanted to do that game. Three more failures and making games changing from a "cool thing to do" to a life goal later, here I am. I still want to create that game, but it's now far from my biggest to-be project. The game will be nothing like it was supposed to back then though, the universe's been evolving with a very closed community for years now, (where I originally shared these animations, it's amazing how 'familiar' you can get with intranets' strangers if you stick with them) and... I dunno, it doesn't really have much connection to the old shit for anyone else than me anymore, but it's not like people who'll someday play it would or even should care about it.

When the changes happened it was the first time I knew (that wasn't me being a dumb kid) that I was creating something wonderful. Unique, maybe a bit quirky at times, characters and settings that people could experience if I someday reached a state where they can be presentable.

The contrast of the substance in the previous two paragraphs to the absolute trainwreck that actually is this shitty animation series is just ridiculous. Let's get to it, shall we?

Hold tight onto your seat for well over an hour (if you somehow manage to go through them all) of genuine, hilariously bad shit.

(they're in reverse order, so start from the end)

Actual watch-outs: Watch out for a couple episodes where stuff gets a bit too self-aware and I basically cop-out the whole episode. Watch out for the old version of the fourteenth episode. (actually watch it. it's literally just a bunch of pictures. then watch the remix afterwards for contrast.)
Watch out for dumb in-jokes that you either didn't catch or weren't actually seen anywhere because I made stuff up as I went. Watch out for the "music" present in a whole lot of episodes (read: do not watch episode 4). Ep. 30 is the final episode and the only one to have actual music. (which still manages to be fucked up though) Actually, you could just watch that one and be done with this.

Enough blabbering. Get ready for a brain-meltingly bad time.

No Friends The Animation Kopyrikt © Me and my Bro 2006-2009


If you want some YAKF3 progress: Three quarters down, one to go.

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