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Ludum Dare Delivery


This was a game I worked on for like a day and a half last week for the Ludum Dare, the theme was "Your life is currency" so I though "what about a version of Crazy Taxi where your health was tied to the amount of money in your bank account" and you'd drive around making fares, periodically money would be deducted and if you had none your heath would run out. And also you'd have a load of debt to pay off. I managed to implement most game features but didn't want to bother with finishing it, tuning it, or really messing with it anymore.

basically Unity's default Car Controller is terrible and driving was a real bummer, also the game was a real bummer of a subject, and while the primary color blue sky graphics have a certain charm it was not the look I really wanted.

How 2 Play
Drive around until you see a box with a green circle, stop in the circle to pick up the box, the arrow will point to where you need to go to drop it off. stop inside the dropoff zone and get paid $$$

Arrow Keys - Accellerate, brake, and steer
R key - Reset car
Escape key - quit game

City road assets: 3D road Tile Pack by
Cars: Vehicle assets by @eracoon

Music: An original composition by me (I made a bunch of experimental music and this was like, okay)

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Made for ludum dare 32 by me and my friend gevaudan! Czech out the page for credits & info

YES and Gevaudan
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A More Perfect Universe (Ludum Dare-wreck)


Heavily obfuscated, possibly unfinished thing inspired by the Ludum Dare theme of Tiny World.

Mouse only.

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Catmmander PACK


these games were made ​​during the Mini-LD #32 : Quantity vs Quality. That was my first Game Jam & I achieved my goal : make 5 (or more) games in less than 48H ! This "Catmmander PACK" includes the 5 little games I made this Week-End :

- Crocodile Rainpage [dodging game]
- Super Cat [Cat Game]
- Fill-to-ground [??? game]
- That's not Candles ! [??? game]
- Potage [??? game]

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I'm Not At GDC But I Made a Game Anyway


I didn't go to GDC. Yes, I know, I'm lame. Instead, I stayed at home and made this for some reason. I have never been to GDC or any convention period, so I have no idea how accurate the stuff in this game is.

Features meta at the end. Sort of.

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An event
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