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There's this robot and it says it can always beat you in Rock Paper Scissors. Can you find a way to defeat him once and for ever?

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Fantasy RPS


Rock, Paper, Scissors with a fantasy theme.

Kiki Snell
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Rapid-Fire Rock Paper Scissors


So, PurpleChair, TheCube, squidlarkin and I all met up last night for beer and game-related conversation, which was totally awesome and inspiring and great. While I was watching PurpleChair and squidlarkin duke it out in BlazBlue, I was thinking about how to make a more accessible fighting game. Clearly the need to learn and perfect arcane joystick moves to pull off special moves and combos was out. And clearly it was too hard to learn which moves would be effective when. I figured I wanted to make a game which was purely about trying to predict your opponent's next move within a fraction of a second.

So this morning on the bus I fired up Construct and made Rapid-Fire Rock Paper Scissors. You play Rock Paper Scissors against a friend twice per second, every second. (The speed is adjustable for the hardcore.)

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