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Worryspider in Picnic Panic


A simple little high score game. Try to collect as many apples as you can for your picnic date with your friend. c:

It's inspired by and a fangame of "Worryspider in: The Garden" by &t / bpseudopod. Please go play it, it's wonderful!
The character was created by and belongs to them. I love this anxious little spiderling so much.

It's probably a bit too hard, and the controls take some time getting used to.
I recommend looking at the 'how to play' screen.

~ controls ~
arrow keys - move left and right
X - shoot a spiderweb in a straight line
C - shoot a spiderweb in a diagonal line
hold X or C and use the arrow keys to swing from the web
release X or C to let go of the web

Go get those apples~
Can you beat my own high score of 12?

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Worryspider in: The Garden


HEADS UP! If you just want to play the game, go to the link above. The downloadable file contains the source files, and you have to start a local HTTP server (y'know, python -m http.server) to play it. Check out the readme for full credits and dev notes!

A frantic gather-em-up about the bourgeois norms of lawncare. Can YOU gather enough apples to feed your hungry pal?

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someone goes to the store and has a crisis of faith

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Anxiety blues


based around "fear is the mind killer" a quote from Frank Herbert's "Dune"

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A game inspired by my childhood fear of our family home being swallowed by a sinkhole. Drop down the sides of the sinkhole onto ledges to reach your house while avoiding bats, snakes, moles and ghosts.

New version, V1.1.1, A Glorious Trainwrecks special edition with stage select and stage skip. Press F12 at the title screen for stage select. Press "s" while playing to skip screens.

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Sadness: The Game


You have to rescue the head of Noah from the inner back chamber of a giant hunchback. A pretty anxious game created over a few hours. Probably only notable for the sound design. Play with headphones in a darkened room, if you please. Much love.

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Cycledelic Strut Simulator 2011


Strut your stuff and get some muff!

Developed after ten years of Strut research, Cycledelic Productions guarantees that Cycledelic Strut Simulator 2011 will improve your real life strutting ability.

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