Extreme Fishing


Insane fishing action! Kill fishes and get meat, but be careful with hazardous obstacles! Can you get enough meat to satisfy Poseidon and reach the top on the online highscores?

- Online highscores! Register your name as the deadliest fisherman in the world!
- Punk Piranhas! Gentlefishes! Spartan Swordfishes! EIGHT different kinds of fishes to hunt down!
- Use harpoons, torpedoes and even LASERS! A total of 31 COMBOS!

Leonardo Millan & João Zanini
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Sort of an implementation of an old Quake mod named Horror Show. It's kind of not designed for a player count lower than four but that shouldn't really be a problem. You might want to use a keyboard that doesn't limit the amount of keys you can press at the same time if you don't have a joypad or two lying around.

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Bad Moon


You play as Ednarg, the Bad Moon. Smash innocent people to make juice out of them. remember, only the ultra-high speed can kill the resistent Yellow and Black Joggers. Beware of cops! They don't like assassins, especially moons!

EDIT: Also, contains BLOOOOOOOD

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Bunny Murder Game


A very short (and bad) game about some bunny rabbits.

There is a story behind this:
When I first started making games in unity I started to make a game about bunnies who kill other bunnies (murder bunnies).
It took me like 3 months of it getting more and more ambitious before I scrapped it.
And so I just stripped it down to the bare basics, and it took 4 hours. Hah.

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Polite Narwhal


[23:02:50] [TakeOne] How do narwhals get around without accidentally stabbing something?

Turn left and right with the arrow keys.
Up Arrow to accelerate. Down Arrow to decelerate.

Make it through to the end at the lower right of the level without killing any fish or breaking your own tusk.

This game is terrible. Features blood.

Direct3D 9 HWA or Wine required. Also 720p resolution required because I'm an HD-using bastard.

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"It's as if nightmares were real, and not just things children make up to get you to hug them for no reason."

"As soon as I gave up the search for the red-door-opening powerup, I primed my mouse over the Zero Stars button - when it happened. It wasn't a GOTY moment, or a GOTW moment, but it was definitely worth 0.75953 GOTDs."

This is a platformer featuring a certain element from Flywrench - that is, making yourself the same colour to pass through a barrier.

It is also inspired by Illegal Communication and salome.


Left, Right - roll.
You cannot jump.

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This game is controlled by moving the mouse and clicking the left mouse button.

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Blood Sword of the Man-God


A barbarian under sentence of death is given one final chance to redeem himself. Over 200 levels of pulse-pounding action, arranged string soundtrack, and multiple dialogue paths in the vein of Deus Ex, Planescape: Torment, and Mass Effect.



By Jack Perkins and Alabaster the Lorem.

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