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Eat Lots of Candy


A game about eating candy. Move with the mouse, and collect all the candy to proceed to the next level. MMF2 is really fucking slow. Why is it so slooooooooow.

Uses voices by SpindleyQ.

You can make your own levels! Create an image named {number}.bmp in the CandyLevels directory and the game will recognize it! 64x64 required or else your image will get truncated. You can also share your levels here if you want.

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Jesus: The Second Coming: Hamburger Flipper


Idea created using that trainwreck idea generator I made earlier:

"You are tasked with making a platform game starring Jesus as the protagonist, whose goal is to collect every Hamburger. Your trainwreck must utilize Win32 API abuse as a gimmick."

This game involves you, as Jesus, coming back down to earth in order to set up a hamburger stand. However, you need hamburgers to begin with, so you set out on a search across the mountains for burgers to sell at your burger stand. And then stuff happens.

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