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Get Ready!


Back when I played through Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) on PS2, my friends and I often joked about the "GET READY!" prompt that appeared before action sequences. Together we imagined a game with dull activities like making breakfast or getting the newspaper overlayed with the "Simon Says" interface, followed by spectacular failure sequences (drowning in the milk, fatal papercut on the newspaper) and the melodramatic voice over saying "This is how my story ends. Officially it was a suicide..."

So of course my immediate reaction to the first demo footage of Heavy Rain was to whip up an overlay game in Flash. I guess the final game didn't really turn out all that different, except with a little more JASON!

Play with fingers on homerow, as if using 2-handed WASD.
That's ESDF for the left hand, and IJKL for the right.

(Finally posting this all these years later because SpindleyQ is making plans for a Youtube FMV Game program. Source code will be available shortly.)

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