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Another Knytt level: Dark House

dark house info.png

Here is a short level I made while I was working on a larger one. Basically it's a dark maze implemented in Knytt Stories. Very short, as I didn't think I could maintain this kind of thing over a long level. Has a few secrets, including one that might be rather hard to get. (If you get too frustrated with it, you have my permission to just look it up in the editor.)

Music is "Evening Fall (Piano)" by Kevin "incompetech" MacLeod. (Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Zen Garden Demo: A Knytt Story


So, hey! Haven't been here for a while. How about a little Knytt Story to make up for lost time? I actually started making this for a level competition on the Nifflas forums (the basic theme was "keys," although it was a little more complicated than that), but I never finished it in time to enter. I decided early on to make it a maze-type game, even though I hadn't had any experience at all with building mazes. I think the inexperience shows, frankly, but at least I gave it some nice scenery.

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