Rapidly Advancing Laser


A small game inspired by a certain scene from a James Bond movie, and also by my previous game Trusty Assistant. Click the tiles in the control panel to momentarily deactivate the laser, then drag the manacled spy lady to rotate her torso out of the laser's path. How long can she last?!

(Version 2)

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Brainmotron 2: Brain Harder


Oh noes! The evil moth followed you to work, and what's worse is you're NAAAAKED!

Adrian Gordon
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"Get out of the room, alien-zorching meatheads, because you'll need your noggins to bust this conundrum [...] Four mice out of five!"

"I didn't know it was possible [...] for a person to die of confusion, until I watched my brother succumb to this atrocious game."

"Never before has a puzzle game actually been ABOUT puzzle games, you know?"

Renardes is here! Unfortunately, most of its instructions were lost in the depths of space from which this fiendish and completely original puzzle came.

Use the arrow keys to move the double-square frame, and Z or Space to change the covered tiles in a red-yellow-green cycle.

Music by Andreas Bilke, via Mod Archive's "random" button.

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An event
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