yet another snakey avoidy game

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Rapture? I Hardly Know Her!


Yet another snakey avoidey game from me. Came out playing rather differently from the others, and is pretty fun, I think.

No intentional religious metaphors, but such things are easy to find anyway if you look.

Game rules:

  • arrow keys to steer
  • touch the angry-looking guys and you lose
  • earn points by being near the bluish and greenish guys
  • they go faster once they've been near you
  • like-color guys bounce off each other
  • different-colored guys will annihilate each other if they touch
  • game speeds up over time
  • the higher your score, the faster guys spawn
  • herd them around, trying to keep lots of them alive and stay near them so you get points faster!

The various versions:

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