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Two players!
Player 1 moves with A and D and jumps/hovers by pressing W. Player 2 uses the arrow keys. Stomp your opponent and move to the next screen (right for player 1, left for player 2). Reach the far side to win!

Oh hey! I can embed stuff right here can't I?

In my head this is a mash-up of ideas from Joust/Super Mario War, Mighty Bomb Jack, Kirby games, and Nidhogg, with graphics ripped off of Super Mario Bros. 3. But you could also say it is basically thumb wrestling. With levels. And one player has to win 7 more times than the other before the game actually ends.

I went waaaaaaaaaaaay over two hours. I've probably spent about 16 on it :/ It got to a point where the tweaks I would want to make would require me doing them in each of 15 or 16 frames, so I think I'm going to just call it done now. I haven't actually played with another human, so it might be (read: probably is) complete garbage.

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