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True Love Wades (For Danni)


CONTENT WARNING for: Brief mention of Anglerfish mating, Relationship Issues, and Swearing.

You play as WADE, a dragon looking for their partner, LERNA, in an abandoned water temple. Will you discover the secret that lies within the ruins?

There is mobile support but in my experience the music doesn't load on phones. Your mileage may vary.

Arrows - Move

Space - Interact

Shift - Run

Credits (More at the end of the game):

Made for Danni as part of "Santa in Spring" event at

Music by fotocopiadora, Urban Yeti!, and Chad Crouch
Sea Cave audio by Andy_Gardner

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This is a one-button game of avoiding danger in a distant moon base. While its control scheme is familiar - press button to make the spinning craft move forward - the wrinkle is that it keeps spinning even while moving, so you'll be constantly moving in wide arcs. Be careful, and watch out for those cannons!

This is loosely inspired by the Taito arcade game Volfied in scenario.

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