Space Chase



Very quick game where you're being chased by kamikaze space ships. They've chased you into an Asteroid field.

Survive as long as you can by tricking the enemy ships into crashing into the Asteroids!

Controls are WSAD or ARROWS. (Up = accelerate, Down = turn tighter)

Was going to implement a timer but ran out of time!

Use the dropbox link for updated versions.

Andrew Stewart - triplevision games
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Hurrah, I actually finished in two hours this time.

In this game we are pursued by monsters and we have no weapons. Fortunately, we do have a lantern and the monsters are averse to light.

Even more fortunately, I didn't have time to implement collision detection, and as a consequence the monsters can't actually hurt us.

aim flashlight
use flashlight

I'll probably upload a slightly more playable version in the near future.

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Made For: 
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