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Ungrateful Birds

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Someone has kidnapped the birds and put them in cages in the forest! Please save them! However, these birds WILL NOT BE GRATEFUL.

  • Jump with X!
  • Pick up stones with Z!
  • Throw stones with Z!
  • Throw stones to break cages to set birds free!
  • Dodge the birds' stones!

Contains NINE BIRD-PACKED LEVELS and THREE DIFFERENT BIRDS. Get close to the cages to find out what kind of bird is inside!

(Press F to toggle fullscreen)

John D. Moore
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An event
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Walking in the Woods

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Let's all just hang out and go for a walk in the woods!

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A Forest, A.D.


I noticed Klik of the Month had snuck up on me yet again, so I opened Twine and quickly improvised and free-associated this game out of nothing.

17 passages. Enjoy!

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An event
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Fireproof Lumberjack 2: The Burnening


In this AAA turn-based puzzler sequel to Fireproof Lumberjack, control the titular lumberjack in his efforts to stop the forest from burning down entirely. So that he can cut it down later. For money.

Click on a forest to cut it down. If you don't want to cut down any trees (why?), you can press space to just let time pass. The game ends when the fire has claimed as much of the forest as it can, and your score is calculated off of how successful you were as a Fireproof Lumberjack.

With over 2 billion map configurations possible, and an innovative "random seed chooser," you can share your high scores with your friends and challenge them to beat you! Never-ending fun!

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An event
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Post Apocalyptic Beautiful Experience IV: Forest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Monkey Bananas


KNP import didn't like green.

I'm also not responsible for any impossible scenarios.

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An event
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Smurf in a forest


This isn't for any event (except in the past). I was browsing around and remembered that I made 2 games here before the site got the actual game submitting form and game lists. Might as well add them now.

its an art game about walking through a forest and its consequences

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An event
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