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Neuro Root Sacral


Two pages I made for my Neocities page for the WOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages!!! Jam
I was gonna do more but been doing other stuff, so here are a couple of strange, minimal, photobash pages
You can see the rest of my website which I remade recently, before the jam!! please do!!

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Eyeball's Garden

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.08.41 PM.png

tiny game. get the flowers for your garden.

the natural world
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Flickgame: Really, You Are Important


REALLY, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. A flickgame inspired by the Random Creative Idea Generator (among other things), within a few spare minutes spread over a few lunch hours and an evening.

Explore the environment.
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON allows you to change the scene when indicated by your "pointing finger" cursor.


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Merry Cake-flavoured Chisrmas


Merry Chisrmas, TheCakeFlavor!!

Joyeux Nolë, TheCakeFlavor !!

The downloadable version might not work right on Windows unless you changes the paths to some of the files? I ca nfix it up later if people want.

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Which Witch

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.31.32 PM.png

left and right whichever if you might

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Page Fighter


A classic struggle of Man V. Machine...battle your way through countless enimies to try and unlock the secrets of the HTML...

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Develop a Leather-based Bloodstream


Actually made several days later for the Big Trashy Twine Jam, but it can live here too.

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