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had a lot of fun making this! thought i might make something bigger in 3d space but i'm happy with this!
took a long game-making and participating break. glad to be back. i made a new account as i feel like i'm re-upping.


is a simulation manifestation of the neighborhood of comrade 186345218 (of sector 88) based on ambient memories and dream-material of their native living units, education centers and public spaces. building on the ambient hypnagogic reconstruction technology of the mid 20XX+, zones- autodeploys com ‘s neural gates in the earliest era of that technology.

although com’s neural matter is ceased, this reconstruction appears to present commune units, sub-dwellings, store houses, street zones, skree zones, and other living units popular around the time between the first and second Great Crisi within northeast midlantic. the home zones appear to demonstrate the latest trends in building of its time, from camuoflage dazzle -spec to smart slime technology at a time when comrades had to rapidly adapt to the chaos of enviro-breakdown and there was a rise in intentional coliving collectives and their need to build environmentally-resistant and adaptive living units.

at this point the original p-wave material sleep systems has not been entirely reconstructed and calibrated. while the software is owned by the museum, the compression codec from that era has not yet been located. in the meantime, please enjoy this series of rendered dwell-units from home zonez88 of comrade 186345218, recovered from a physical storage device when such technology existed, and saved as playable zonez-files. the scanfiles showing an individual are believed to be of comrade 186345218.

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Neuro Root Sacral


Two pages I made for my Neocities page for the WOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages!!! Jam
I was gonna do more but been doing other stuff, so here are a couple of strange, minimal, photobash pages
You can see the rest of my website which I remade recently, before the jam!! please do!!

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Eyeball's Garden

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.08.41 PM.png

tiny game. get the flowers for your garden.

the natural world
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Flickgame: Really, You Are Important


REALLY, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. A flickgame inspired by the Random Creative Idea Generator (among other things), within a few spare minutes spread over a few lunch hours and an evening.

Explore the environment.
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON allows you to change the scene when indicated by your "pointing finger" cursor.


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Merry Cake-flavoured Chisrmas


Merry Chisrmas, TheCakeFlavor!!

Joyeux Nolë, TheCakeFlavor !!

The downloadable version might not work right on Windows unless you changes the paths to some of the files? I ca nfix it up later if people want.

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Which Witch

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.31.32 PM.png

left and right whichever if you might

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Page Fighter


A classic struggle of Man V. Machine...battle your way through countless enimies to try and unlock the secrets of the HTML...

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Develop a Leather-based Bloodstream


Actually made several days later for the Big Trashy Twine Jam, but it can live here too.

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