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Yoshi's Quest - For Dattorz


My game for Dattorz who likes Yoshi's, among other things!


Collect the lost Yoshi eggs and send them down the pipe!

  1. Control key to collect things/spit them out
  2. Shift key to move stones

Known bugs:

You are sometimes able to carry more than one thing in your mouth. You shouldn't be. If this happens just spit them out, take a step back, and collect them again. They will be separated.

You can't collect things that you're right next to if they are overlapping an obstacle. If this happens, take a step back and try again.

Hope you enjoy, merry Christmas and happy new year!

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Yoshi Does Drugs


Guide Yoshi the Super Happy Dinosaur to his melon stash so he can eat melons! Err, wait, what's that thing? Should Yoshi eat it? Well, it looks close enough like food, so why not?

Shift to jump, Ctrl to eat melons. Down to enter the pipe.

Edit: Bugfix release so you can't shoot multiple tongues and have them coming out of your feet.

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Made For: 
An event
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