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Robo game for game jam


Visual Novel where you are a robot trying to join a circus that doesn't want robots by pretending you are not a robot.
4 endings.

Chrissy - Cm0nster - capthastings
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Donkey Kong's Revenge for danyburton Klikmas game


Merry Klikmas Danny Burton!
This is a visual novel where you play as Donkey Kong and try and plan a murder and get away with it.

***Sound is pretty important for many of the endings of this game****

***I tried to finish by the deadline and there are a million combos here so I couldn't play test them all, so if you find something is wrong or leads to the wrong place or you didn't say something it says you said or someone doesn't leave the screen or your jump doesn't happen (you get the idea) let me know and I will fix it!

Warnings: murder, violence, somewhat graphic images. Also references to: miscarriage, alcoholism, misogyny, and family death.

chrissy aka capt_haistings aka cmonster
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the killers


Made in RPGM VXA - just a small game i made this morning

i like JRPG tropes: the idea of impossible foes/battles designed as real but are in fact scripted (to lose) and the idea of hero destiny (the heroes can't lose 'cause that's how the game was written) are common in JRPGs since their inception. i think it's pretty cool when you're playing a JRPG and you think it's a hopeless boss fight but it's just a really hard regular boss fight and you let the boss kill you.

the killers is also informed by the stories 'the killers' & 'a good man is hard to find'

thanks for playing (▰˘◡˘▰)

Nilson Carroll
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nailed it


I did the bulk of this the night of Flik of The Month Flub #1, but put aside finishing it until the day after because the art was so much work. Then I got sick for a week, crushing my plans. I only ended up finishing it today.

Colour scheme drawn from "I Let The Sunglasses Do The Talking", then ruined by adding additional colours.

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Murder Brain


Solve the murder mystery.

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Treachery most fowl


You are a -COW-
To survive you must commit -MURDER-
Focus your -HATRED- on others to commit -MURDER-
-MURDER- all -COW- so you may live -TRAITOR-
Remnants of -COW- poisoned by -HATRED-
-COW- feeds upon -HATRED- becomes twisted and will -MURDER- the -TRAITOR-
Commit the greatest -CRIME-
Commit the greatest -ATROCITY-
All so you may live -TRAITOR-
Press space to begin the -ATROCITY-
Use WASD and mouse to commit -CRIME-


WASD moves your cow. Mouse aims the beam of hatred in the direction of the mouse pointer. Keep the beam focused on enemy cows to cook them alive and turn them into hamburgers. Do not eat the hamburgers or you will die. Enemies who eat hamburgers become stronger.

This is the first game I created for this site and the first Klik game I've made in 5 or 6 years.

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Bunny Murder Game


A very short (and bad) game about some bunny rabbits.

There is a story behind this:
When I first started making games in unity I started to make a game about bunnies who kill other bunnies (murder bunnies).
It took me like 3 months of it getting more and more ambitious before I scrapped it.
And so I just stripped it down to the bare basics, and it took 4 hours. Hah.

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spiders have been engineered only to kill
conduct tests of new spider technology with innovative simulation system

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