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Fuck the Sun


The Sun began rapid expansion billions of years before we ever anticipated. All other life on Earth has already been destroyed as the Sun grows ever closer to the Earth. You are the sole remaining survivor. Mars’s orbit is out of wack and bits of Mercury fly about the system.

Get revenge of that fucking Sun that fucked us over by using your super mobile suit to launch lasers and missiles to destroy the Sun before it finally fucking destroys our planet.

Humanity may be gone, but you’re not gonna let the fucking Sun destroy all evidence we were ever fucking here.

Arrows move your suit. Z and X shoot.

Update 3/29/2015: Windows 8 compatibility update

John D. Moore
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Help Timbo the Worm get revenge on the chickens with the help of the magical going-back-in-time potion!

All art assets taken from Animation Library. Music courtesy of SynthMania, recommended by SpindleyQ.

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