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musical hors d'oeuvre

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Drag and drop modular delectables.

Arrange a nice platter for your guests.

The Linux build is the html file.
Some of the sounds are from:

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Dongers MINI- Harmonium- for mkapolk!


Merry kliksmas and I hope you jump into the new year well and enjoy the game, mr. mkapolk!
Enjoy Harmonium, one of the most classic magical instruments from the places of Dreamworld!
Sadly, the game doesn't support sound recording but you can always use an external sound recording program. I recommend Audacity!

I would also like to thank all the friends that helped with development and to carry out this project! - Dany Burton, beanstalk, Brutalmoon, InfernalBeast and Old Man Razal from Dreamworld!

for more magical products:
come by sometime! ;)

Have fun!

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You can't get it past the other guy, who'll knock it back to you at a slightly different angle, but instead touching the ball to get more points. It gets progressively faster, too!
Up and Down arrows to control. Note that you can't change the angle of the ball, but your opponent often will.

I've tried to get it so that the ball doesn't go within a certain range of vertical, too, so hopefully that'll work.

Music is a take on Din Da Da that I came up with earlier today on a whim.

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Hopefully it won't be the case that you got served.
By the way this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Vectrex; I just like dumb jokes.

Arrows left/right, shift to jump (default Construct 2 controls)

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