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Wildcard, an RPGMaker game made by Ace Mercury

Wildcard is a pretty fun game that I first learned about by reading this review. I checked it out and had a lot of fun with it, although I found a fatal error near the end of the game (I think it had something to do with the ultimate sword? I'm not sure) and never picked it back up, because I'm a huge wuss. ANYWAY errors aside it's a pretty fun game, if a little generic. It's an RPGMaker game, but I'm pretty sure you don't need an RTP file to play it (at least, I didn't have one when I played it) but you might need to install a font patch, else all the text looks wonky. It's not really very trainwreck-y at all, but given that it used to be hosted on Geocities I think it could fall under GT's game preservation philosophy.

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