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Meteor Shooter


METEOR SHOOTER, a tribute to Kitaru's CAVE SHOOTER for the No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam.

ARROW KEYS to move your ship.
SPACEBAR to activate your shield. Do not run out of energy while surrounded by meteors!
The game is over when you run out of ship energy (the green bar). You suffer damage when you impact meteors. The faster they're moving, the more damaging a hit will be.

You earn points for shooting meteors, and you earn even more points for smashing your shield into the meteors.
Event coding by let-off studios. SFX made in BFXR by let-off studios. Sprites originated with Clickteam. This is an HTML5 game, and so should be playable on nearly every computer.

Play the original Cave Shooter here:


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The Mazing Adventure


Created specifically for the IGF Pirate Kart. Contains all original graphics! The is no music.

Use the arrow keys to move. A vast world filled with treasure lies below the surface. Will you discover the secrets of the depths?

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