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Interview with a Rock Star *DELUXE EDITION*

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For Pirate Kart this year I think I'm going to release pointless Deluxe editions of my games. First up on the list is Interview with a Rock Star, which I never really felt satisfied with, although I am pretty fond of its low-key subject matter.

Note that this does require an interpreter to play; I recommend Zoom for the Mac, and Windows Frotz or Gargoyle for Windows.

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Healy and SoftSoft Present an IGF Text Adventure Funpack

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Presenting my 7-in-one Text Adventure Fun Pack! Requires an interpreter to play; check out Windows Frotz or Gargoyle for Windows and Zoom for the Mac! If you are confused by these text adventure things, check out this handy dandy card!

Games included in the fun pack:

You Have to Put the Ball in the Cup: A SoftSoft classic!
You Have to Put the Spider in the Jack-O-Lantern: Just in time for Halloween!
You Have to Put the George Washington in the American Flag: Everyone's favorite piece of Americana interactive fiction!
You Have to Put the Candy Cane in the Stocking: A Holiday classic!
You Have to Put the Indie Game in the Contest: Made especially for IGF!
Delicious Breakfast: From Pirate Kart 2!
Interview with a Rock Star: Made so long ago and is so obscure that it's just like a BRAND NEW GAME!

All of these classic and soon-to-be-classic games are now blorbed up, so that they can include cover art and bibliographic data and stuff!

Also, if you would like to volunteer to get these games running through Parchment or possibly another web-based interpreter program, that'd be great! It'd certainly take a lot off of Mike's workload.

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