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Asteroids with a Twist


Asteroids with an END.

Made this because i was bored.

John L.
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Pest Control in Space


My first (last?) Batari Basic game.

You are Harry the Space Bug Exterminator. You know how to exterminate just about any intergalactic pest. You even have your own custom space ship for clearing out some of the more... problematic infestations, and no hive is too big for you to handle. Maybe.

Seems like the New Horizons Space Life Megacorporation just hired you to take a look at their bug problem. They claim that space station residents are mysteriously disappearing, and they suspect it has something to do with that giant space wasp nest that's been forming around the exterior. You don't like the look of it, but somebody's gotta try and take care of it.


- You can destroy the hive and bees more quickly the closer you get to them, but if you don't leave yourself at least some distance you'll put yourself in great danger.
- Don't try to fly to the right of any bees unless there's an emergency. Once they notice that they've passed you they will try to ram into you.
- Clearing out individual rows of the hive will make the bee spawn location more predictable. Use this to your advantage.

You'll probably want Stella to play this on. Or I guess you could get it running on a real Atari 2600.

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OM NOM NOM (Multiplayer Version)


An update of the Atari 2600 classic, Fast Food. But this time with an all new multiplayer vs. mode! (One player uses the arrows, the other uses the mouse) Compete to see who can eat the most food, but avoid the poisonous tumbleweeds! Three strikes and you're out!

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Sexy Missile Command


A long overdue update of Atari's grim classic.
Aim with the mouse, fire with C, V and B.
©2011 Infogrames Entertainment/Atari, SA

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My contribution to the Atari copyright infringement jamboree.

Your valkyrie feels fat, but is surrounded at every turn by tempting food! She wants you to help enforce her strict diet by shooting all of the food.

Arrow keys move, WASD shoots in different directions.

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Alien bricks are comming to invade Earth! Use your trusty batship to send cosmoballs at the evil horde!

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A completely infringing (and very cheaty/lazy) work:

An evil insectoid Law-Yar has stolen Atari's Fuji symbol and with it, Atari's mojo.

You must journey to the evil black castle and rescue the Fuji symbol

This is actually a pretty detailed play-alike to Atari 2600 Adventure, written in Java processing, for another top-sekrit project of mine... it took hella longer than 2 hours, lots and lots of 20 minute subway sessions.... my 2 hour-ness was a simple sprite mod conversion, in the finest of Pirate Kart traditions!

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Pretty much the dogfighting bit from the 2600 combat game. WASD for red player, arrows for green player.

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