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RealTime Robots


In my mind, this is the game that spawned the Klik of the Month Klub.

I made this game in early 2000, for a game programming competition that I proposed for Teen Programmers Unite. The object? Make a game, using the Allegro game-making library that was popular at the time, in just four hours. An impartial third party came up with the theme, like Iron Chef. Myself and one other guy actually pulled it off.

The theme: make a realtime version of Robots. This is my entry. I would forever remember the experience as one of the most exhilarating and satisfying I'd ever had.

And of course, that practical experience as a teenager was what convinced me years later that making a game in two hours using Klik & Play would actually be possible, and really, really fun.

(If you can tell me where "It's a beaker, Todd!" comes from I will give you one million points. There are only three hits for that phrase on Google, is how inside that joke is.)

Hit T to teleport, click the mouse to call in an airstrike, and hit ESC to quit.

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